The generally held perception is that celebrity marriages don’t last and over the last few years a number of divorces on that front have given it some truth.

Musician, Okyeame Kwame, says he doesn’t believe in that notion about celebrity marriages as according to him, all marriages have problems and not just that of celebrities.

For him, he wants to get rid of that perception and he and his wife Annica are well on their way to doing so as they celebrated nine years of marriage on Tuesday, January 16.

There are so many other celebrity marriages that are also beating the odds and going strong and we bring you some of them today.

Kojo Antwi and Rocklyn

Kojo Antwi and Rocklyn have been married for over three decades and in all that time, there have been no reports of marital strife although we are sure they have their own disagreements. Rocklyn has been supporting Kojo from the background though as you hardly see her with him in public. They have three lovely boys.

Kalsoume Sinare and Tony Baffoe

Before all these public celebrity weddings, there was Tony Baffoe and Kalsoume Sinare’s huge wedding in 1994. He was a popular footballer and she was a successful model and actress and their marriage, done according to Muslim custom, attracted a lot of big names.

Twenty-four years on and the two who have three children are still going strong. There is a lot to admire about these two personalities.

Reggie Rockstone and Zilla

This year, Reggie Rockstone and his doctor wife (she is the daughter of former President, Dr Hilla Limann) will be celebrating 16 years of being loved up. They first met at the Boomerang Night Club in Accra and the rest they say is history. With three children, the two are not shy about their love and Rockstone has often been seen wearing shirts with inscriptions like ‘my wife is a doctor.’

Van Vicker and Adjoa

Their first meeting was in 1994 at the Kotokuraba station in Cape Coast and they got hitched on October 16, 2003 which means their 15th wedding anniversary is coming up this year. Last year, when they celebrated 14 years of being married, Van gushed about his wife and marriage and showed her off on social media. They also have three children.

Kwami Sefa Kayi and Raj

Kwami and Barbara (affectionately known as Raj) got married on January 1, 2004 at a ceremony which was attended by politicians, media personalities among others. Their love story continues and they celebrated their 14th anniversary this year. They are blessed with three kids.

Bola Ray and Dorcas

This lovely couple have been married since 2005 and they are a #couplegoals for a lot of young people. Last year, they reaffirmed their love for each other with a renewal of vows ceremony. Their union, which is now in its 13th year, has produced three kids, two boys and a girl.

Majid Michel and Virna

The handsome actor and his lovely wife have been together for 13 years and he credits her support and understanding for the success of his career.

In 2015, they were gifted a white wedding by Stacy Amoateng’s Restoration With Stacy programme, an event which was attended by his colleagues. They have three children—two girls and a boy.

KOD and Ophelia Crossland

By their own narration, they met when KOD came to her family’s shop to buy fabric. She made an outfit for him and the relationship progressed into the lovely union they have now.

With a shared passion for fashion, this fashionable couple celebrate 10 years of matrimony this year. They renewed their vows at a posh event in 2014. They have two girls.

Adjetey Annang and Elorm

The handsome actor and the beautiful Elorm met where else, on a set! They met during auditions for the hugely popular television series, Things We Do For Love and got married some years after.

They will be celebrating 10 years of marriage and the two have weathered some difficult moments as they went childless for seven years. They now have a lovely son.

Okyeame Kwame and Annica

One of the most vocal couples, Okyeame Kwame and Annica are not shy to express their love or talk about their marriage. They got married in 2009 and are going strong in their ninth year.

According to him, they met when he went for an interview at Luv FM. Blessed with two kids, Okyeame Kwame and Annica credit dedication to the strength of their marriage.

Choirmaster and Beverly Afaglo

They are relatively young in the game, with just six years under their belt (they got married in April 2012) but Choirmaster and Beverly deserve commendation. Beverly has said in interviews that she credits being submissive and putting her family first for the success of their young marriage. They have two daughters.

Know any more celebrity marriages we forgot? Add on to the list