It is a fact the world is quite unfair. While most people work for money, others have massive investments hence simply put, money works for them. With few or putting no work hours per day, the filthy rich will still have money trickle into their bank accounts at the end of the day. One such man is the Kencity Media owner, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong. He is one of the richest men in Ghana and the Kennedy Agyapong cars and houses prove that.

Kennedy Agyapong Cars and Houses

Kennedy Agyapong is also the Member of Parliament for Assin North but says what he gets from the electoral seat is grain comparable to what he makes elsewhere. He is quite arrogant and extravagant if I must say. Well, wealth could be the reason he is not shaken by anything and seems to sail through scandals and controversies. This triggered me into finding exactly how much Kennedy Agyapong net worth is.

Kennedy Agyapong House

The Oman FM owner must have great architectural taste judging by his house. Here is how his house looks like that explain the Kennedy Agyapong worth.

Kennedy Agyapong Cars and Houses

This business mogul is said to own 108 houses in Ghana, it is evidently not difficult to know this. The man loves talking about his wealth. There is one home he has built in Assin North that has caught my attention; a multi-million dollar mansion. The Kennedy Agyapong house has all an exquisite home is detailed by.

Kennedy Agyapong Cars and Houses

NET 2 Television owner has a swimming pool in the backyard, large enough with a unique shape and a basking bay within the pool. The house should I say stand in awe, brick red roofing, cream and white painted walls, and imported interior designs while the pebble block pavement and well tended garden complete the palatial home.

Kennedy Agyapong Cars

The rich buy imported cars and ship them to the country or the freight companies do that for them, but the super rich have the manufacturer’s customize them as per their specifications. Kennedy Agyapong rich man take the latter caliber, this lawmaker is insanely rich.

Kennedy Agyapong Cars and Houses

He owns a fleet of cars only the big boys can own. In fact most of the cars he owns are scarce in Ghana and it is indeed true he got a taste for the automobiles. Kennedy Agyapong recently bought a Diamond black/silver Roll – Royce Phantom Saloon car from United Kingdom. He paid 249,708 sterling pounds for the purchase but had to incur additional costs, which translated to 8 billion.

Kennedy Agyapong Cars and Houses

Did you know that Kennedy Agyapong gifted each member of ADISCO team a car for the being crowned winner at the National Science and Maths Quiz who were from his Alma mater. I need not forget the Kennedy Agyapong private jet, yes is put it right. He is no ordinary man who would board an airplane; he got his own jet for convenience.

Kennedy Agyapong house and cars have raised alarms on his source of his wealth that judging by the asset is quite a diamond. As a matter of fact the revenue agencies are probing into his wealth. Once the report is out, you will find out about it here.