Television personality Nana Aba Anamoah and her baby daddy, popularly called Osibor, have clashed again over their son.

Nana Aba had earlier shared a photo of her son, Papa Kow, on Instagram with a captivating caption.

She wrote: “Straight out of my womb, Son of life, love of my life”, to show how precious the boy is to her, but checks also reveal that Nana Aba has deleted the post.

Shortly after she made the post, the boy’s father, known in private life as Richard Brown, also shared the same photo, with his own caption.

He wrote: “Like father like son. blood is thicker than water ❤️.”

Some fans have commented on Osibor’s post believing that the boy looks like him.

For instance, Tarpama and Mary both said Papa’s nose looks like the daddy’s:

tarpama: “Only the nose but he looks like nanaaba.”

maryamissah: “His nose like his father n the rest is mum.”

Baron believe that Papa looks like the father in even the way he stands:

baron6192“@diaz.manawhy u woman’s don’t like to say the truth the boy really looks like his father look at the way he even stand.”

Royalty also observed that Papa took some of his father’s features:

emprezzmimi_royalty: “Took some features of his dad but obviously looks like his mom .”

Akosua also said the boy looks like the dad:

pomaa_akosua: “Looks like his dad tho.

His post must have infuriated Nana Aba who has deleted her own post from Instagram.

This is not the first time such a thing has happened.

She has tried over the years to ensure that her son does not have any form of contact with the father.

According to reports, Osibor had impregnated the beautiful Nana Aba when she was around 18 years and had completed senior high school.

However, he deserted her at the time she needed her most, making Anamoah go through the pain of pregnancy and broken heart all alone.

It seems now that the boy, Papa Kow, is fully grown, Osibor wants to have a role in his life.

This is something Nana Aba wants to avoid and completely wants to disassociate Papa Kow from the father.

But it is clear that Osibor would not let go and would do just anything for the whole world to see that he is the father of Nana Aba’s son.


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