Followers of the Ghanaian movie industry in the mid-2000s fondly remember the popular Efiewura TV series.

One of it’s leading characters was comedian, Koo Fori who played the role of a booze-loving tenant who was being pestered for a relationship by the widow of his late landlord.

Koo Fori played the role so well that it won him many fans and launched an acting career for him.

But in the most recent times, the comic actor has been off the screens and has been living in the United States for some time.

Since he left the screens, Koo Fori’s life has been relatively on the low but the comedian has given his fans a peek into his private life as he shared photos of his home in social media.

In the photos, Koo Fori is seen posing by a number of expensive looking cars in his house. The cars are yet to be registered suggesting they may have been imported into the country not long ago.

From the look of things, Koo Fori, born Seth Kwame Karikari, is doing very well in his chosen line of business and seems to be living lavishly.