These two used to be couple goals for a lot of people. Wale was the rich superstar/ bad boy with the ride or die chick who was prepared to stick by him no matter what he did.

Until all hell broke loose and they parted ways whilst shooting missiles at each other.

These days, their relationship has deteriorated to throwing shade at each other on social media, which is pathetic of the two of them but very entertaining for the rest of us.

Recently, Shatta Wale accused Michy for being disrespectful to him during the time they were together and even said she disrespected her own mother.

In response, Michy shrugged him off and said she used to feed him but now he’s betraying her.

“Even Jesus was sold out by the same people he fed” she posted.

Shatta Wale went through severe hardships in the decade he disappeared from the music scene and according to Michy, she was the one feeding him until he got back into the scene and her reward is betrayal from him.